nuudle: custom iPhone development

What is nuudle?

nuudle specialise in developing customised utility and commercial applications for the iPhone. nuudle develop native iPhone apps - that is, nuudle apps are not web apps running in a Safari shell. This means that nuudle apps are fast and responsive, and inherit the look and feel of iPhone apps.

Why nuudle?

nuudle isn't about quick and dirty. Apps can be turned around quickly with the proper application of best practices and good stock code. nuudle isn't about cookie cutter, either: your app should reflect you, should conform to your requirements, should support your brand. nuudle isn't about compromise. You shouldn't have to settle for a lower quality product because the developer thinks it's too hard. nuudle isn't about ripping you off. You'll get a fair price for the work, and we'll never quote - or charge - before we've got the requirements settled.

Do I really need an iPhone app?


Okay, what now?

Email to set up a consultation and get a quote.

Where are you based?

nuudle is based in Sydney.

What does nuudle mean?

I could say something about threading or tying together disparate elements, but really, it's just that noodles are delicious.